What is Adanya Vision

Adanya Vision is a young freelance company aspiring to grow. We are currently a team of two, with plans of expanding and accepting new, interesting people to our little society. We are located in the suburbs of the city of light, Paris. Educated and trained in the fields of graphic design, web design and web development, we combine knowledge, modern techniques and creativity to deliver a quality product and make long lasting contacts with our clients.

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Adoni Khalil

Designer &
web developer

  • Computer engineer
  • Enjoys coding - in jQuery, PHP, Java
  • Likes reading random facts on the internet (they are always true)
  • Love to play video games, and bake cookies in spare time
  • Not a fan of politics

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Vanja Nonkovic

Designer &
web developer

  • Master's degree in IT
  • Skilled in HTML, JS, SQL, PHP
  • Likes 3d modeling and video editing
  • Passionate gamer, book reader, traveller
  • Loves bunnies
  • Dislikes mornings

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  • Proffesional rascal
  • Skilled in eating books and furniture
  • Loves celery and bananas
  • Passionate sleeper
  • Dislikes walks